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The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy
Australia and Victoria Inc.






Cat Clubs






Birman Society Inc.

The Birman Society Inc. was founded in Melbourne Victoria on 30th April 1993.

The founding members were Lesley Freemann, Kevin Rock, Trish and John Newman. Present at the inaugural meeting were 26 new members, with apologies from 13 people.

The Birman Society Inc.

Visit The Birman Society's website

The Society was founded due to a need as an organisation to:

  • Unite members in the bonds of friendship and mutual understanding in an open forum.
  • Raise the status of the Birman and create a high interest level and a better understanding of the breed.
  • Provide a supportive and caring network for those associated with Birmans and to rescue and care for Birmans in distress or need.

Information can be obtained from the President, Lesley Freemann on

03 9754 2150.



Burmese and Other Shorthair Cat Club.
The club was formed in the early 60s. This is a club for breeders and owners of all shorthair cats. They hold their meetings on the 3rd Saturday of each month. Further information can be obtained from the President Michele Ristuccia on (03) 5783 1444.

Companion Cat Club.
The club was formed in July, 1998 to promote the interests of the nonpedigreed cat. However, the club welcomes members with any breed of cat, since all cats are our beloved companions. As well as running an annual allbreeds cat show, the club works to promote responsible cat ownership and to improve the status of all cats in the community. Welfare issues are also important to the club, and a percentage of any profits made by the club at its events is donated to the Keysborough Animal Shelter.

Club meetings are usually held on Friday evenings, on an as necessary basis.

The current executive consists of: President: Margaret Steed; Secretary: Felicity Neilson; and Treasurer: Sharlene Proctor.
The club may be contacted by ringing Sharlene on 8790 0305 (daily 10 am to 10pm).



Mountain District Cat Club.
This Club was formed in 1987 to serve the increasing number of cat breeders and owners in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Since its formation M.D.C.C. has been affiliated with The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy, Australia and Victoria. The Club is committed to all issues regarding cats. Show Cats, Breeding Cats or Family pets are all much loved. Membership fees are kept to a minimum to allow all cat lovers the opportunity to be involved and have access to valuable information. General Meetings were originally held at Coldstream (5km out of Lilydale). The Club became incorporated in 2002. Traditionally the Club holds its Annual Show in the March or April depending on the fall of Easter; we still hold a show at this time of the Year.

In 2004 we decided to hold a show in September at Traralgon in the Latrobe Valley , where a number of its the members live, it is now an annual event. In April 2006, due to the dwindling numbers of members in the Melbourne area and an increase in the Latrobe Valley . The Club decided to move its base to Morwell. The move has been successful with an increase in Membership. We now meet on the last Tuesday of the month in Morwell. Further information can be obtained from Graham or Dorothy on 03 5133 9596.




New Breeds Cat Club of Victoria

The New Breeds Cat Club of Victoria

This club was formed in 2004 and is opened to owners and breeders of all breeds from the new to the established.

Our meetings are held on a Thursday evening in the South Eastern Suburbs.

The club's philosophy includes :

To promote responsible cat ownership
To promote the newer breeds of cats
To foster the welfare and kind treatment of all cats
To raise public awareness of the benefits of cat ownership
To promote showing and responsible breeding of purebred cats
To hold and promote Cat Shows & Expos
To maintain affiliation with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy Australia & Victoria Incorporated


The New Breeds Cat Club is a family orientated club, if you have a friendly, outgoing personality and are willing do work then this club is for you.

Memberships are only taken at our AGM in July once the initiation process has been passed. newyrscat

To contact the club call Gay 0412 466 140 or

Carolyn on 5997 1003
or visit The New Breeds Cat Club website.



Royal%20Thai%20Cat%20ClubRoyal Thai Cat Club Inc.


GCCFVs newest Cat Club was formed and granted Affiliation in October 2008.

Our Inaugural Show is on Sunday August 16th 2009, incorporating a Specialty Oriental Ring. The Club has 16 financial members, all full of enthusiasm and dedicated to making it successful.


Office Bearers are:


Vice President: Sharlee Rogers

Secretary: Jill Henderson

Treasurer: Michael Nimmervoll


The aims and objectives of the Royal Thai Cat Club are:

  • Specifically to promote the Siamese, Oriental, Balinese, Longhair Oriental and Foreign White breeds.
  • To ensure the continuance of breeding to the Standard of these Breeds.
  • To produce a friendly and encouraging atmosphere assisting all newcomers to the Cat Fancy.
  • Promoting the health, and wellbeing of all breeds of cats.
  • Promote the necessity of welfare and responsible treatment of cats.
  • Encouraging responsible cat ownership, and compliance with local authorities.
  • Promote the status of cats in our community.
  • Encourage and Promote and hold an annual All Breeds Cat Show.
  • Encourage a warm and friendly atmosphere at all Club Meetings and Shows.


Enquiries re Club Membership please call the Secretary on 5941-7138


Russian, Somali, Abyssinian and British Cat Club.
The club was started in 1974 and was called the Russian Blue & Abyssinian Cat club.  It is a specialty club and is open to all breeders and owners of the 4 breeds. Meeting are held on the last Friday of the month.






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